Forget about the movies... all the gore. Instead let  professional storytellers pull you into stories that are sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up! Or give you a chuckle, or even have you checking under your bed at night.
Campfire Stories, Ghosts & Legends are just that. From the mysteries of modern-day vampires, to the oldest childhood legend "Bloody Mary" this theatrical event is sure to entertain even the most skeptical of non-believers. But beware! not all HHP storytellers are actors! You may be surprised to find yourself standing right in front of an actual ghost or even a vampire!

 If you prefer to sit rather then walk. Then gather around the location of your choice and let the HHP storytellers appear one by one before you.  Fact or fiction, you be the judge.  Each storyteller has a unique 3-5 minute story to tell. Depending on the budget, hire one, two, three or more storytellers. HHP is here to customize your event entertainment.