Holiday adventure..."This ain't no OZ"

This original children's winter holiday production is recommended for ages Pre-K and up and is sure to keep the children entertained and involved for 60 minutes.  There are two packages available depending on the venue and budget. The basic package includes the professional storyteller in costume and limited props.
Optional fees for additional enhancements apply to the following:

A. Additional cast member that serves as the interactive prop assistant who selects children from the audience to participate as characters throughout the story including the use of costumes & props.

B. Goodie bag of props & accessories for every attendee to use during the reading and keep as a memento.

C. Musical enhancement for the full theatrical effect through the talents of a live musician.

D. Available November 2021, Author autographed hard copies of the Book Holiday adventure..."this ain't no OZ"

E. Why not add the Big man himself... Santa Clause!

On this adventure, children will learn about friendship, kindness, bravery and foremost... the power if their imagination.