Meet the Artistic Director:

Jane McLaughlin is an exceptional artist with a passion that seems to invoke those around her to express themselves through theatre arts. She is the creative mastermind behind Haunted History Productions (HHP) which started in 2008 by like-minded volunteers that shined a light on the history in Woodbridge, NJ. Jane is passionate about bringing spirit to the communities as Miss Cookie during her numerous ghost walks by weaving attention-grabbing stories with local culture knowledge to give you a different view of the town.
Over the years, Haunted History Productions has grown and evolved into a special storytelling show that not only highlights Halloween and Christmas, but also original scripts that cater to a wide-variety of events. She personally crafts and customizes each theatrical performance to entertain all ages through humor, drama and memorable tales for shows that include Haunted History Walks, Christmas Stage Productions, Winter Storytelling Strolls and Murder Mystery Dinners. Jane loves to provide a unique experience for all who attend an HHP event during her performances alongside talented actors.
Jane’s love for entertaining has stretched across various mediums from stage to books as the author of, “Holiday Adventure…This Ain’t Oz” which delivered valuable lessons for kids to promote kindness. She has gained a following in Central New Jersey for her captivating events from campfire stories, ghost walks and holiday tales in cities such as Somerville, Bernardsville, Cranford and Woodbridge. Her professional achievements involve ownership of European School of Dance as the Artistic Director and serving as a key Founder of the Fords Business Community with both reaching great success and stimulating community growth.
Jane sets a high standard for service and sustains civic participation to inspire others to give and make community involvement a central part of their lives. She recognizes the value in people of the community to raise awareness of the importance of local services and programs while encouraging others to help. Beyond her many accomplishments, she is a positive light that continues to shine bright for all who are in her presence from friends, associates to networking groups that she’s a part of. Her contribution in local community development efforts and supporting organizations for multiple cause’s shows in the connections that strengthened with ongoing engagement in fundraisers and local business promotions.
Jane is dedicated to giving back and supporting the community by donating proceeds to local township charities while building strong partnerships with community representatives, local government officials, businesses and non-profit organizations. Much of her success is due to relationships built throughout her career and her selfless commitment to spread positivity. She is forever grateful for all the opportunities to showcase her talent early on and until this day by Mayor John McCormac, The Woodbridge Township Recreation and Administration.

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